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Of course, we expect Sears to happen "Sears" this year. However, Rolex actually decided to adopt a completely unexpected thing, and some even thought it was controversial. This may not be the look of Rolex's long-time collectors, but the new sale Rolex watches is still one of the main talks about the 2017 Basel Watch Show, unlike ceramic/steel Daytona, which made headlines in 2016 different from last year's short story stars from replica Rolex Sea-Dweller watches

2017 may be a bit of the most important The news is not easy to understand. Therefore, our depth (black/white style) gives you all the possible explanations for the direction and the new Rolex Sea-made 43mm reference design. 126600, this watch may require more than just a quick tour to fully understand.

When Rolex does something, there is always a good reason behind it. Regardless of the brand you like or not, you can't say that they do half the work - even though they rarely solve one or two details (see 2016 browser one), the motivation is simple when making changes or adding features to the clock. : Do it better or make it more coherent. With the new sale Rolex watches  reference. 126600, some people (actually quite a few people) are surprised by more features; the larger diameter above the data window and the Cyclops are the main points of controversy. Of course, we have raised such a question, of course, there is a Rolex in this sea-made "any new thing" clearly explained the 126,000 6600 below is what we have heard... plus what we certainly need!

The history of Sea-Dweller is related to the history of diving bells and diving. After the Second World War, diving became an increasingly popular sport or leisure activity, which required further development of diving. Diving trips will soon be available for military, professional and folk leisure divers. The Submersible Reference 6200 is the world's first commercially produced diving bell, released in 1954 and has a waterproof function of 100 meters (later 200 meters and 300 meters). In the early 1960s, saturated diving began to be tried, and a timepiece with higher water resistance was needed immediately. At that time, the submarine was a reference. The 5513 can handle a depth of 200 meters, but sale Rolex watches 's goal is to triple the depth.

Helium Valve: Experimental Rolex cooperates with COMEX (Professional Diving Company) to create the characteristics of the sea-type after moving. It was originally introduced on the submarine. In 5514, not long after, in 1967, Rolex Sea-Dweller launched ref. This is actually the first marine inhabitant and has become an identifiable helium escape valve diving watch. The early 1967 model (estimated production of approximately 100 pieces) is very similar to the Submariner 5514 COMEX, which was modified with a helium valve. Features are "double red" and "submarine 2000" and "patent pending" bottom cover (such as sale Rolex watches  has applied for a patent, but has not yet received a patent for helium valve). Very rare examples can be seen in the single red version. A 500-meter evaluation of these prototypes (estimated production of 4 hours) was performed. Sea-Dweller has evolved over the decades with a variety of models. The "Double Red" sea occupants ("Snorkeling 2000" above), produced between 1971 and 1977, still have a water resistance of 2,000 feet / 610 meters and a "patent pending" bottom cover. In 1977, Rolex Sea-Dweller developed again and became "big white." There is no red indication, no mention of "Submariner 2000", want to better distinguish between submarines and Sea-Dweller watches. In 1978, along with ref. In 1665, the Rolex reference was introduced. The 16660 Sea-Dweller features sapphire crystal, a larger helium relief valve and an upgraded depth rating of 4,000 feet or 1,220 meters. Finally in 1988, Rolex Ref launched. 16600, modern movement 3135, with a strong end connection and a blank disc on the bracelet. reference. Twenty years later, in 2006, 16600 was discontinued and replaced by Sea-Dweller Deepsea.

The Rolex Sea-type 4,000-foot production that ceased production in 2008 focused on the greater water resistance and strong professional orientation of the watch: the sea-type deep sea, providing 12,000 feet or 3900 meters of water resistance, a 44mm case, and of course helium valve. Although technically more advanced and more effective, it is possible to watch the collector's heart not to replace the SD, so the sea-type 4000 came back to production and was used as a reference in 2014. 116600. Reference has been discontinued. The 116600 has the same 1220 meter water resistance, sputum valve and has a thinner box, a ceramic frame and sliding lock bracelet, of course the black dial on white text, no cyklops and a 40 mm case.more link